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When it comes to feminine hygiene products,we all get sensitive and nervous to ask for advice. Best advice, all-natural,plant-based, pH balanced should be the go to. Our Herbal Feminine Wash consists of all natural herbs designed to help and maintain the female privates. Our wash is meant to provide you with maximum freshness,peace of mind of clean comfort. Safe enough to use daily,our feminine wash should help maintain your pH balance and keep harmful bacteria away.


Note: Feminine wash is not a douche and should only be used externally


Ingredients: Chamomile flower, Calendula flower,Lavender flower,Oregano leaf,Basil leaf,Thyme leaf,Rosemary leaf,Distilled water,Aloe vera juice, Apple cider vinegar,Cocamidopropyl betaine 


Directions: Use in the shower or bath. Pump a pea size amount of wash onto hands or clean washcloth and apply gently. Massage lightly. Thoroughly rinse off with warm water


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