Carrot + Turmeric Beauty Bar


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Our Carrot and Turmeric Beauty Bar helps to correct hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, blemished skin and acne scare. Our beauty bar is very effective antioxidants that helps to regenerate, revitalize and nourish any types of skin. Rich in vitamin A and E which helps to slow down cell damage.


  • Facial skin and body appear clean, softer, smoother and refreshed
  • Combat hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and breakouts (acne prone skin)
  • Supremely moisturized skin
  • Promote reduction of inflammation and redness

How to Use: Rub beauty bar on damp hands or on poof until you form a lather. Gently apply lather on face and body and massage into skin. Rinse off. and pat dry with a towel when done.

Recommended  to use daily or as needed.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut oil, Carrot + Turmeric and Sodium Hydroxide 

Size: 5.5OZ




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