How do I get healthy glowing skin naturally in a few weeks?

Can I get naturally glowing, healthy skin in just a few weeks? Well, if this is the question you have been eagerly searching to get an answer to, we have heard you! It is possible to get a more naturally glowing, plumper, youthful and nourished skin if we make a conscious effort to take care of our skin, improve our lifestyle, and use organic skincare products. When followed synchronously and whole-heartedly, just a few skincare and lifestyle tips can get us the desired results. This article unfolds tips and tries to cover all the points that explain the necessary steps you need to take to achieve your natural skincare goals.

Useful tips to get healthy and glowing skin naturally

To maintain your glowing skin, you have to remember that it is important to cleanse, tone, and moisturize daily. A proper lifestyle and a comprehensive skincare routine might improve your skin within a week, but you need to stick to the routine and follow it sincerely to keep it glowing and healthy for longer periods. A few useful tips discovered to help you achieve what you need!

1)Know your skin type

Picking the right organic skin care products is the need of the hour. Unless you know your skin type, you cannot just pick the right natural skincare and make-up products that suit it. Here’s an example for you to better understand how different skin types are and which out of those belong to you!

  • Dry skin: Your skin feels tight, flaky, and parched.
  • Oily skin: Your T-zone is greasy and shiny.
  • Combination skin: Your T-zone is greasy, but your cheeks and jaw are dry.
  • Normal skin: Your skin is neither too oily nor excessively dry.
  • Sensitive skin: Your skin easily turns red and gets inflamed and itchy.

2) Follow a regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine

When followed, a robust CTM routine leads to an essential cleansing and moisturizing practice suited for the best skincare results. An extremely trusted beauty routine, the CTM is an effective and certified regimen that starts with washing your face with a cleanser to remove dust and impurities and is followed by toning and moisturizing for recouping the natural pH levels of the skin with maximum moisture retention.

Protip: You may use products that contain skin-brightening ingredients. These may include:


1)An aloe facial cleanser

With a deep skin cleansing effect, our aloe facial cleanser will moisturize and nourish your skin to the very roots. The face cleanser is great for both oily and dry skin. Easily gets rid of the dead skin cells and other impurities that would cause acne and breakouts.

2)Aloe vera kit

Our aloe vera kit is the ultimate beauty kit for nourishing your body. The kit contains all the necessary ingredients needed to preserve the natural beauty, glow, and replenishment of the skin texture. The face wash and beauty bar will essentially cleanse and beautify the skin for a smooth supple proportion. The product deeply moisturizes and softens your skin.

3)Acne clearing deep cleansing

Royals Essence Acne Clearing Serum is an ultimate skin-loving formula specially designed for a clean and clear skin texture. When applied reduces the blemishes and evens the skin tone. The serum is a blend of high-quality oils combined to fight acne and breakouts. Powerful yet light for clear skin and black pores.



Indulge in our Vanilla body wash that will have your skin feeling silky, smooth, and fresh. The incredible essence of vanilla has a magical effect on the skin's texture and proportion. The body wash not only cleanses but hydrates the skin leaving your body feeling softer and smoother than before. The luxuriously creamy body wash is enriched with the goodness of natural shea butter and vanilla beans.


Be the first to try our new body lotion for the whole family. Our lotion will work wonders on any dry, rough, or scaly skin. The body lotion absorbs well in the skin and retains the suppleness, smooth and shiny texture. Apply it to the targeted dry areas and leave them to dampen and moisturize the skin. The product is lightweight, non-greasy, and yet rich enough to support healthy-looking skin. 



Our Rose Face Toner will restore clarity and radiance to the skin after every cleanse. This Rose and Witch Hazel toner boast natural astringent properties that ensure surface impurities are removed without stripping or causing any harm to the original skin texture. The floral blend of Black Rose, Rosewater, and Rose Oil helps provide an antioxidant boost.


Our magical blend of Aloe Vera Liquid and Witch Hazel is the perfect astringent to moisten and tone your complexion. The face toner lets your face feel light and free. With the power to prevent acne breakouts, and tighten pores, the product proves excellent for oily skin. It is powerful enough to get rid of the dead skin cells for building a natural glow.

Follow the CTM routine twice a day – in the morning and at night.

3)Exfoliation is required for the best results

A physical exfoliator such as a face scrub is required to exfoliate and not allow dead cells to accumulate on the skin’s surface. The exfoliators should be purely organic, ensuring they are not too harsh on the skin, causing any harmful side effects. Use exfoliators that have very finely ground particles or round grain-like particles that gently buff the dead cells away.

4)A peeling mask is not to be missed

You can often use a peeling mask to bring evenness to your skin tone. This can be a once-a-week indulgence! The peeling mask lets your skin get rid of higher dead skin cell numbers compared to what a scrub would do. Choose peeling masks that contain natural fruit enzymes! It is the best skincare routine for glowing skin.

The secret sauce to getting a younger, glowing, and nourished skin is in finding an organic skincare product with multiple benefits. For instance:

1)Choose a moisturizer that has both anti-aging and skin-brightening properties.

2)Pick out a cream that not just evens skin tone but reduces skin blemishes.

3)Use products containing Vitamin A(reducing signs of aging and dullness)

4)Products for enhanced collagen synthesis and those that strengthen the skin matrix

The overall improvement in the appearance of the skin is not just dependent on the product but on some lifestyle tweaks as well! The easiest lifestyle changes that, when followed religiously, can lead to tremendous skincare results. These include:

1)Drinking plenty of water 

2)Saying “no’ to processed food

3)Sweating it out(physical exercises)

4)Consuming colorful and nutrient-rich vegetables

Skincare and lifestyle changes may not give you quick results, but they can give your glowing skin what it needs in the long run. Follow these and stay positive!x